Who We Are?

YACnCAY consists of a group of young volunteers, supported by graduates and other whose aim is to encourage young people against joining gangs and being negatively influenced by their peers in today’s society.

Established by award-winning philanthropist Dr Bernadine Toyin Idowu. YACNCAY was set up after the tragic shooting and burning of 17-year-old Samuel Ogunro in a car in Peckham in June 2010. Since then, Southwark and Newham Police have supported the organisation financially to reach youngsters through their events. Engaging with children as young as 7 years and upwards.

Providing support to their parents as we know the influence a parent can have on lives of their offspring. We want to provide a wide range of high quality support and advice to both youths and victim families within our community, whether they have contact with the criminal justice system or they just need a helping hand or advice, to ensure that our activities help deliver positive outcomes for all. We at YACnCAY have a massive network with many skills to offer to someone that needs it.