Our Ethos: P.I.P.E

PRAY – YACnCAY conducts monthly prayers & short meetings with youth and supporters of YACnCAY at churches, work places, house fellowships etc to pray against gun and knife crime and other issues required for YACnCAY, also discuss plans for YACnCAY and goals set in previous month.

INSPIRE – YACnCAY runs its own Peer-to-Peer mentoring scheme at Schools, in order to encourage young people to be better citizens, as well as guiding them towards their chosen careers. The first successful one was completed at Kingsford Community School, Beckton, Newham with 10 mentors – University students and graduates mentoring 20 Pupils aspiring to go to University. We provide inspirational talks from a charity or a member from the community.

PROMOTE – YACnCAY organises events in the community for youths and parents in which we celebrate the young people and promote the positive things they are doing in the community.

EMPOWER – YACnCAY believes in the importance of Education i.e. the acquisition of the required knowledge to go on to excel in one’s chosen Career or Business; either via Further and Higher Education or by gaining Entrepreneurial skills.